Digital Distribution

Our partnerships with the best music & video streaming platforms mean that your music & video can be uploaded wherever your fans are!

Digital Music Distribution Features

Global Music Distribution

Armus Digital offers an ideal avenue for broadening your audience and revenue streams. With partnerships extending to over 60 of the world’s leading music platforms, our digital music distribution service ensures your music reaches a vast audience without any extra charges.

Industry Leading Release Times

We understand the importance of swiftly launching your music to kickstart revenue and cultivate your fan base. To optimize your music’s potential for success, we conduct thorough manual reviews for each release. Rest assured, we expedite the submission process to music platforms, ensuring your release goes live within a mere 3 working days.

Account Management & Support

At Armus Digital, every artist and label receives personalized support from an assigned account manager who caters to all their music distribution requirements. Whether it’s a minor inquiry or a major concern, our team is dedicated to assisting you, freeing up your time and energy to concentrate on crafting your next groundbreaking release. Reach out to us conveniently via live chat, email, or phone, as our team is committed to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free distribution experience for you.

Individually Tailored Services

Armus Digital understands the distinctiveness of every music artist. That’s why when you opt for our distribution services, you’ll receive a customized music distribution strategy tailored specifically to you. Our offerings are always evolving to align with your requirements and the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. Your dedicated account manager will assess your music and collaborate with you to craft a personalized release strategy that fits your needs perfectly.


Empower your music journey with Armus Digital. From distribution and rights management to promotion and label support, we’ve got you covered.

Music Distribution

At Armus Digital, our mission is to empower independent artists and labels with equitable music distribution services, facilitating the expansion of their audience reach. Let us join you on your journey to amplify your music and connect with a broader audience.

Rights Management

Safeguard your music and maximize its potential with our Digital Rights Management services. Don’t leave your music vulnerable online; ensure its protection and security with Armus Digital’s comprehensive DRM solutions.

Promotion Services

Elevate your presence in the music industry with Armus Digital’s Music Promotion Support. Access our complimentary Promotional Support Service to effortlessly connect with new fans and engage diverse audiences, expanding your reach like never before.

Label Services

At Armus Digital, we are dedicated to supporting record labels every step of the way. Our services include comprehensive music distribution tailored specifically for independent labels, alleviating stress and amplifying their global presence.


Gain valuable insights into your music’s performance across major platforms with Armus Digital. 

Monitor streaming insights, download figures, and audience demographics via our dashboard. Leverage this data to plan strategic career moves and optimize your presence across major platforms for greater success in the music industry.

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