Cover Song Licensing

Why choose soundrop to distribute cover songs?.

Soundrop simplifies the process of licensing & distributing cover songs.

For just 99¢ per cover song, soundrop covers:

Publishing Information

Cover song licensed approved.

How Soundrop cover-song licensing works


Make a release with metadata, audio, and artwork, ensuring everything needed for distribution is included.

Publishing Information

Add original song copyright details which can help to secure license more quick and efficiently


Pay $0.99 per license. Ensure compliance and support artists while enhancing your content.


Soundrop team checks release metadata, if release covers the licensing eligiblity requirements


After release metadata is approved, it goes into licensing which usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Release live

Great news! The release is now live on your favorite stores after completing the licensing process. Hooray!


Distribute your music beyond youtube and facebook. Soundrop will distribute your cover songs to the world’s top platforms.

Reporting & analytics

Accounting with Soundrop is easy.

Every month without fail soundrop collects your revenue from digital music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more — and we pay it to you quickly!

Soundrop handles the collection of your earnings, mechanical royalty payments, revenue splits, and accounting.
For you, it’s simple: You get paid monthly.

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