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Armus Digital: Your shortcut to global reach for independent  music creators. Distribute effortlessly on Spotify, Apple Music, and more, expanding your audience with ease.

Music Distribution

Armus Digital’s system accelerates music distribution globally, serving artists, labels, white-labels, and enterprises seamlessly within hours.

Rights Management

Industry’s foremost UGC and rights management platform, delivering unparalleled power and efficiency.

Label Services

Armus Digital: Elevate your independent record label with stress-free global distribution, personalized services, and no upfront fees—just a small royalties share.

Neighbouring Rights Collection

We’re members of IPRS, PPL and many more, registering catalogs directly in each territory to maximize income for you.

Used by over 320+ white-labels all over the world

Here at Armus Digital, we are passionate about helping record labels. We provide services and music distribution for independent labels to reduce their stress and increase their global reach.

“"Managing a record label has been greatly simplified with Armus Digital. This platform enables efficient management of assets, royalties, and statements, all in a consolidated and professional interface."”

Bhola Swarthi

Bhola Swarthi

Shipra Films Official

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