Global Music Distribution

Innovative digital distribution and promotion technology integrated with 220+ major stores, including local & international platforms.

Get your music on more than 150+ platforms.

Next generation digital distribution

Thanks to our technology, you can deliver all your releases across multiple formats: Singles, EPs, Albums, Pre-order, Instant gratification, Ringtones, Videos…

Upload Content

Our new Self-Publishing platform is ready! Upload your music catalog in record time! Assign collaborators, revenue splits, generate free UPC and ISRC codes, select stores and submit!

Fast Distribution

Once your submission is approved, we distribute your music to 100’s of music stores, streaming platforms, and our Licensing-Library. Get on Spotify and others in 48 hours!

Get Paid Monthly

You get paid every month – PayPal or Wire Transfer. This includes all streams, downloads, licensing placements, content claims, and any form of revenue you collect. Most platforms pay monthly after 30 to 90 days from the end of the month in which the plays / downloads / views took place.

Protected Your Music

Music Distribution every stream, every cover, every radio spin; no matter where your original music is being played, you deserve your royalties. Armus Digital has direct memberships with rights collection agencies from around the world to make sure you get paid faster than ever before.


Content Id

We can deliver your music to Content ID systems to protect your tracks from piracy on YouTube CID , SoundCloud, Facebook Fingerprint and social media sites.


With our Roster tool you can submit your tracks for PPL registration, and collect your performance royalties with ease.

We want the world to hear your talent.

195 Countries

Through our established partnerships with the top Digital Service Providers, you can grow your audience to all corners of the world. Why should you limit your talent to the local area? Your future fans are all over the globe, so it’s time you took the international stage, front and centre! With our music services, it’s never been so easy to get your creations heard worldwide!

150+ Distribution Platform

Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and more, with our distribution services. With partnerships with over 60 of the most popular music streaming services, getting your music online is as simple as a push of a button. By distributing with Identity Music, you keep full control of your sounds. You can choose how many platforms to distribute to, be it all of them or just one. Since we don’t charge upfront fees, you won’t be slapped with a huge bill for choosing more!

Label Services

—Be a great partner

Easily share dashboards, statements and analytics with rights holders. Enable artists, managers, labels to get on the same page with greater transparency and trust.


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